Welcome to “Barwy Morza” Villa in Rowy !

Our Villa is a new, modern, heated all-year pension situated in a peaceful part of Rowy.This small seaside resort has a favourable local climate, unpolluted enviroment, clean beaches and air filled with iodine (beneficial for an acute respiratory disease and cardiovascular disease,asthma and alergies treatment).It is situated just by the woods which is a cover for Słowiński National Park, within 15, 20 minutes walking distance from the beach.

Perfect for a family holiday with children!

We offer you two houses. Each house consists of 6 two-storey, 70m apartments, providing leisure for 9 guests each. Our apartments are arranged in sea-shore colours: beach sand, sky azure, sea emerald.

In each apartment you will find a spacious living-room, well-equipped kitchenette, comfortable bathroom with a shower and a water closet, and three cosy bedrooms upstairs. In front of each apartment, there is a canopied terrace (where you can sit during bad weather, as well as on sunny days) which leads you straight onto a green lawn.