“Barwy Morza” Villa is located outside the centre of Rowy, about 300 m from the road, about 15, 20 minutes walking distance from the beach, just by the woods which is a cover for Słowiński National Park, which guarantees peaceful atmosphere and fresh air – factors necessary for a real relaxation with your family and friends.

Offers in the Vicinity:

– bicycle rental: 200 m,
– tennis court: 800 m,
– restaurant, cafe: 100 m,
– canteen: 200 m,
– solarium: 900 m,
– horse riding: 800 m,
– playground: 300 m,
– swimming-pool: 250 m,
– shop: 100 m,

Rowy and Surroundings:

– wide, clean, sandy beaches,
– numerous fried-fish shops,
– a church dating back to 1849, with “diabelski kamień” (“devil’s rock”),
– unique fauna and flora of Słowiński National Park,
– sea cruises.

History of Rowy

Rowy is a fishing village said to have been established by castaways, fugitives from Wolin invaded by Vikings. The oldest document dates back to 1282, in which prince Mściwój II renewed granting the church of St. Stanislaw in Gdansk the right of ownership of the property. Henry IV, later the king of England, landed here in 1390, during a crusade to Prussia. Also here was born the field marshall of Prussian army during the Napolean wars, known as Yorck von Wartenburg. The church was built of post-glacial stones between 1844 and 1849, in a neoroman style.

Attractions around Rowy:

– Rowokół, holy hill of the Slavs – site of pagan, and later Christian worship,
– Słowiński National Park – with its unique moving sand-dunes, flora and fauna,
– lighthouse in Czołpin,
– bicycle excursions down the “Dissolved railways track” – on a narrow-gauge railway enbankment, dissolved by the Soviets after second world war,
– Swołowo – capital of the checked country,
– Heritage park in Kluki with a reconstructed ancient village.